Monday, April 25, 2011

What are you waiting for -

This last two weeks have been a perfect example of what you can achieve if you really want something and take a hold of your dreams… (more of that on my blog)
Too often we put ourselves in little boxes and live up to other peoples expectations and ignore our own dreams and aspirations.
I struggle to live up to my own expectations let alone trying to do what others are expecting from me.
You know what thing that has really struck me between the eyes the past few weeks is this:
LIVING up to OTHER people's EXPECTATIONS make the REAL YOU INVISIBLE…..  You have to be yourself.
The Unmasked Retreat’s purpose is to encourage the ladies to be themselves, in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere where they won’t have to worry about what others think either of them personally or of their art. They will have the opportunity to try new things and possibly rediscover dreams that may have had hidden away in their hearts and hopefully by the end of the weekend they will leave more confident - personally and/or creatively.
We will be running numerous classes, make/takes and spoiling these ladies with product and giveaways all inclusive of the cost.
If you have been thinking of coming this is your very last chance - we are leaving registrations for the Unmasked retreat open until 6th May….  Don’t miss out.
Why not ask hubby to spoil you this Mother’s Day.